Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Remembering Mark Today 3/18/14

From the archives,
Mark & Owen
 Miss you Mark, especially today
on your seventh anniversary
in heaven


Gary Esposito said...

That is a great pic Joyce.. Love the smirk.. Miss you brother!

Anonymous said...

great photo joyce

helenmaryb said...

Joyce you are so good at the picture post! I haven't seen this one what a treat :) Look at OWEN with a mushstach! What can I say my goodness 7yrs, I miss knowing you Mark in the here and now I would love to get your perspective on the many things that have gone one since your death. Death it is an ugly word and one this family has used to the point of wearing it out! I do find confort knowing you are in the company of god all his grace and many many loved ones who have found a place for you and them in eturnal rest. I think of you always but Joyce is right today is a day of remembering our brother #4 of 7 Love Helen

brofius said...

my goodness 7years....a day of remembrance....great job Joyce..