Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Remembering Someone Special Today 11/6/2013

September 15, 1960-November 6, 2012
I found this picture and thought
how fitting, two of my favorite people, together here and now in heaven!
 miss you Kathy and think of you often


helenmaryb said...

Joyce what a beautiful picture perfect choice for remembering two of our loved ones who passed away a month apart no one had more compassion for Kathys suffering then uncle Bill aven after he found out he had cancer and was suffering so much himself a beautiful selfless man that gave me the opportunity to go see Kathy with you guys when I was unable to afford to go on my own. If you want to know what a beautiful soul looks like look no farther then uncle Bill and for being the true definition of a good human being a decent man a person of faith at the end of a life and Kathy at the prime of her life with graduations and a future of marriages and grandchildren in her sights gone to soon to enjoy. It was Uncle Bill in many of our conversations that felt so badly about her and her children being cheated of all the joys his boys gave him and he he had no regreats. they will never be forgotten and at peace I know they are. love Helen.

joyce said...

ditto, HeHe!