Friday, October 11, 2013

The Mulligans cousins grown up Kids Colleen &Cindy Cousins of Grandma

Top the Engles, Cindy, Dave, Lauren & Kelly

Bottom the Collleen &Tom Bernanskie Jason Ryan, Tommy, Alexa, Erin & Kathleen


joyce said...

How'd you get these pics? Aren't they a good looking bunch!

It would be so nice if we could have a family reunion with the Ohio people.

Scot Brosias said...

he was a half way decent ballpalyer

271 919 69 70 770 1187 .245

if thats the same guy...

helenmary said...

If you want info my mom knows the whos who of the group. I have pictures sent to her and I have no use fror them othe then to share them. The mothers are the daughters of cousins of uncle jimmy an d my mom and uncle Owen my connection is I went to the wedding of Dave and Cindy ? he was playing ball then and Joey Jr and Christopher Marrero were babies. Ill find a picture of that. And yes they are a very good looking bunch and Im sure they are quality people which is all that matters. :)