Sunday, September 29, 2013

American Football

The Pursuit

 Middle Linebacker Brandon
 Not in my house!
You're  Next!
 B Blocks too
 Another one bites the dust
Mean Joe "B"
B blocking his man
 Where you goin!!
Gang tackle


joyce said...

Go Brandon!!!Sports are good for kids, Brandon looks so engaged, looked like a great game.

great pics Kyle, what camera do you have??

Thanks for posting, the blog needed a boost!

brofy said...

thanks Joyce, the pictures were taken by one of the mothers who had a very professional looking camera.

Long live the blog!!

joyce said...

I was asking because i have a Cannon rebel T3i and I'm still learning how to use it, it can take those kind of pics...very nice!

SoCal said...

Great pics!
Kid is lookin like a player!

Gary Esposito said...

Go B Go!!

Great pics.. I can't wait until JAD goes to ChiTown and takes some of her own!!

Soccer Kings said...

pads=wimp=wimpy game=wimpy man