Saturday, August 10, 2013

Summer Adventures

This Espo's South Summer Tour 2013

We visited family, sweated through a "heat wave", had some adventures and tried some new things!

Great view and little waiting... ESB at night, Cool!

YeeHaw JAD is Leading the way!!

Don't let the chiefs face distract you!

Cousin Andrea is....awesome!

No we don't worship fire - Happy Birthday David!!

Little dude with a GoPro - Need a laugh? Walk around with a kid with a GoPro camera and people do the strangest things..

Hmm, A ball from the field for each boy, great eats, two legends, DJ first pitch homer, free candy bar, walk off victory, super seats...I could go on (really I could) but Thank you Alex and Scott for a day we will remeber for ever is what I really want to say!

Candy.....LOTS of Candy in middle of somewhere..

Going down the mountain...Zipflyer style..
Very proud of Nic who had quite a bit of trepidation and took some convincing but then....  he had a blast with 4 zip line rides and 1 zipflyer 4500 feet down a mountain... I think I can I think I can....


There are waterfalls in Pennsylvania, really and there pretty cool.  Bushkill Falls..

Just watch the video...

The DC's.... we had a great time in the Poconos (who knew) and can not thank them enough for letting us invade and feel at home...

Riding the River Rose down to West Point...  Great wide just keep an eye out for tumbling tourist!

Great job time your on the big flyer!

If you had an fun family adventure this summer be sure to share it with the Clan!!


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helenmaryb said...

Gary Lauren WOW what a noice post I felt goose bumps watch ing the clips Nicholas you are a BRAVE BOY! and mommy went too I have to tell you talking about and thinking about knowing your a kid is one thing but seeing it well I had nails! All the pictures are fantastic and thanks for the unexpected family portrait! ha ha all four in one frame for Lauren lets amp that up to a masterpiece at least from my point of view and maybe the kids!!!!! I think it should be mandatory to put a family picture up at least once a year just in case anyone gets lost or you dont hear from them in a while um ops i might be a tad guilty on that note hehehe! Well good PR for going North for a vacation and Gary the goffee picture of you in front of candy??? well I thought maybe beer was the cause for that shot! but candy behind you! lol so happy you had a good time Joyce Harry Andrea and Sarah you all look great see you soon and no ZIP LINING for this old southern bird!

joyce said...

Thanks Gary and family for visiting. we had fun too. The Poconos was a pleasant surprise for things to do and so close, who knew?!
Helen, I think you could get a zip line out of you. Lauren did it and Gary didn't put me in his post(which is perfectly fine with me) but I did the zip line too! It was scary fun!!