Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Weekend Baseball!

It don't get any more Americana than baseball and beers on memorial day weekend!!!!
SoCal style!!!!

 Matthew made ALL-STARS!!!!!
And this weekend he had his first Tournament, 5 games in 3 days!!!!
Matthew played the outfield, catcher and second base.
He got up to bat 10 times and got on base 9 times with 1 HR, 2 triples, 2 doubles and 4 singles!!!!
His team made it to the finals but lost. 
Matthew and daddy had a blast!!!!

 Ohh and daddy is one the coaches!!!!

 Matt gets ready...
Daddy man's the pitching machine during the games too!!!!
We play PONY Baseball in SoCal, not Little League...
No Williamsburg in our future!
In PONY it's real baseball!
If the players don't have contol of the ball the runner can still run...
And run is what Matthew did in this clip,he ran for a HR his first career homer!!!!
A first of many more to come over the years!!!!

God bless the Mulli-clan and God bless America!!!!!


helenmaryb said...

Great post it brings back happy memories of my kids playing and tons of video no one wants to watch today lord knows I try well I did get Payton peeked but he soon left the room LOL I enjoyed the post thanks for the entertainment and i await a comment from Lauren so i will stay out of the baseball/little league ha ha

jad said...

Congrats to Matthew and his team, and good job Coach 23!!
Good family fun.

Now I know there are many other budding ball players out there, so lets see their pics, too.

We have an up and coming Mulligan baseball team all our own, LOL!