Thursday, May 16, 2013

Happenings in Wapp Fls!

On Monday,
 HD got a new ride!
 2013 Subaru Legacy
with all the bells and whistles
On Tuesday,
Sarah got a new kitten!
 His name is "Socks"
his breed is Rag-Doll, very cute!

On Wednesday,
 JAD got  to add these things into the budget, LOL!


Anonymous said...

nice ride, nice cat, good luck

Gary Esposito said...

Congrats to the D's!

I hope izzy doesn't treat the kitty like a rag doll!!

Anonymous said...

Nice ride HD, but wheres the gun rack????
Is it me or does that kitten look like one of those chinese monkeys that go into the hot water springs in wintertime...?
You know what im talkin bout...

jad said...

Hey, be nice about what you say about the kitten! and there will be no gun totin in our new car, HD will have make do!

helenmaryb said...

that was a good one Gary! Kitty is cute and all kitties should be just what were looking at in pictures! get what im talking bout! meow! Talked to Joyce a few times since kitties um scoks arrived and got no complaints about Sarah Socks or Izzy hum Joyce you feeling ok.

helenmaryb said...

Joyce just me thinking out loud but Harrys new CAR should have its own post not shared with a cat even if its a new cat/kitten shame on you give Harry a little more respect! lol

jad said...

This is a family of comedians!, or not!, LOL!

helenmary said...

how can a cat and car get more coments then a college graduate???????????