Thursday, April 25, 2013

From SoCal to KC and back!!!

 Four generations at the Dodger game!
 Matt has made one of a young boys most important decision...
He decided he is a DODGER FAN!!!!!
 If you fly on Southwest on your birthday they show you the cockpit, while those pesky other travelers gobble up all the good seats!!!
 Ahhhhh.... the gurlz....!!!!
 Best bud's indulging in good ole violent video games!!!!
 Ahhhhhhh..... too cute!
 Double cute!!!!
 Conner swears somebody farted...  Looks like Ryan from that smirk...
 Ice cream in KC...
 The Chi-town crew arrive and the party really starts!!!!
 Laura and Gracie chill out...
 On the way to Aidan's first holy communion!!!!
 Aidan completes another sacrament!
 The boys are happy!
 In Owen's backyard they built a firepit, it ended up being an eternal flame in honor of Papa!  We had a fire going the whole time we were there! This pic captured a nice slice of how fun it was hanging outside with Papa!!
 "Can we go back to uncle Owen's tomorrow?!"
 Back home enjoying the sunny and 75!!!!!
Did I mention Laura has a website?!
Check it out!!!!


Gary Esposito said...

Great pics...Connors face, priceless!

Glad that fart wasn't near the eternal flame!!!

helenmary said...

What a fantastic post all I can say is you made up for the dull post less months gone by and take it from me you guys make your pops proud as always he is just all smiles as he reads this post from above! The rest of his time is spent explaining to some in his company what a blog is! her her!

joyce said...

Congratulations & God Bless you Aiden! and you looked so dapper too!

Everyone looks great, nice to see you all coming together for such a special occasion, miss you all.

Good job as always for a post well done, Red.
liked Dr. Laura page too:)