Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Ray of Light!

Amid  all the sorrow & grief  we are  going  through
 the newest member to the Mulligan Clan,
Mason Alexander,( now 2 1/2 months old)
 has been bringing us joy and the promise of hope for the future.
 He is a cutie!
When you are feeling  sad or just really missing those
 who are not here with us any longer.
Look at your children, give them a hug and love them!
Children are so remarkable. They live in the moment,
That ray of light is them and we all know that we 
have today, so make the best of it.

Just wanted to share a little joy to brighten up this long drawn out winter we are having!


Kathy M said...

Thank You oldest member to the clan, lol, oh what a cutie he is, and are little Mason baby will be getting christened on April 14, 2013 he has blessed our lives in more ways then one, and now will be blessed by God, he is to young to know right now what a true blessing he has been to our family,especially to Meagan and the Laino's... Spring cant come soon enough, thank you joyce for the beautiful post....

helenmaryb said...

I think I see Carlos lol Babies are a gift from God only God and Mason hold the key... enjoy him only he can interrupt a sad feeling mood or thought with a poop or spit up he needs you and mommy and you and mommy need him....and all of us in between!