Thursday, December 27, 2012

Another Life Gone too Soon 12/25/2012

 It's with a sad heart that I write these words, 
Meagan's husband, Anthony passed away 
unexpectantly on Christmas Day.
He was 31 years old, too young to have  left this world.
He is pictured  above with his three beautiful sons, Anthony Jr.,  Aiden,  and 
the newest addition is 
Mason Alexander, 
born on Dec. 16, 2012
Our Thoughts and prayers are with Meagan, her babies, Anthony's parents,
Jo-Ann & Dale Laino,
 and Kathy &Carlos at this very difficult time.

As a family ,
we the Mulligan Clan have had  too much loss this year.
All I can say is to love one another, hug your kids
 show your family how much  they mean to you.
Make the effort to pick up the phone  and place that call.
Because as we have seen this year life is too short and we are only promised  today!

Rest in Peace Anthony 
and all those who have also left us too soon, 
Rest in Peace!


dianem said...

There are no words at a time like this our hearts are broken and only time can begin to heal the many holes that have been left by the losses we have had to endure may we all find peace and strength to carry on the torches of those who have gone before us this year and throughout our lives.

Chicago McCauley's said...

We are so sorry to hear such sad news,you are all in our prayers during this difficult time. God Bless, we are thinking of you all.

espos south said...

Very sad, our thoughts are with Anthony's kids and family..... rest in peace

helenmary said...

The Christmas day news of Anthonys death was a shock to us all as word went from phone to text to facebook my feeling of sadness for his parents and brothers extended family and frinds who loved him raised him and knew him long before he set out to create a life of his own I greave for their loss.Then he came into our family by meeting Meagan and with all the hopes and dreams any of us had, he had marriage and a wife, a home children and in laws and he had us the family he got to know with his life with Meagan, I grive for the emptiness his death leaves in the lives of his children and Meagan.My wish is to beleive that he had hppiness in any one of those blessings and that any of us would like to have known him better, and as we want for ourselves and our families that he and his be happy too and have a long wonderful life.On Christmas day each year that goes by I will think of him and wish I knew what he was thinking and feeling that day he passed away so i could ease his mothers and fathers pain and maybe tell Meagan and the boys something he wanted them to know but God doesn't give us that chance he gives us life and the chance to make this world a better place with lessons many of us will never understand but each life has meaning and those of us left behind just need to think about that and make every effort to confort care love and be loved every day because the future is promised to no one and God the almighty Father is in charge of that!Anthony found his peace on Christmas day its just very sad it had to be that way. God bless his soul its in a better place and if he looks for uncle Bill he will have a friend who never judged always listened and never questioned what his God planned for him so Anthony go find Uncle Bill hes the one with the biggest crowd around him next to Jesus! Amen Amen Amen rest in peace.

Kathy M said...

Thank you all for your kind words and prayers,, Helen you always no the right thing to say,, God Bless each of us in the new year, and my prayer is that it will be better then this past one,, my heart aches as any mothers would, and now i will be strong for meagan and anthonys family,, our pain and our sadness extends to the Laino family!!!!!

Anonymous said...

RIP Anthony D. Laino, may you find comfort in the hands of GOD....

Kathy M said...

Thank you Joyce for the beautiful post and words... Anthony loved all his extended family...