Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Beautiful Spirit left Us Today 11/6/2012

She gave the gift of laughter
and dried her share of tears.
She left her mark on many lucky lives
throughout the years.
She spread a lot of love around.
She shed a world of light.
And in the memories she left,
her spirit still shines bright.

Kathyanne, wife, mother sister, cousin & friend
You'll be missed and loved forever by all of us who were lucky enough to have had you in our lives.
May you rest in Peace
 and to Byron, Rachel, Gregory, Nicole  Anthony,
John and all of the Callaghan family
Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this very sad and difficult time.


Gary Esposito said...

Rest in Peace Kathyanne

Our thoughts and prayers are with you, your family and all the Callaghans'. May you all find the strength needed to get through a difficult time.

The Espos in Fla

brofy said...

Very sorry to hear about kathyanne, our thoughts and prayers are with you all....God Bless

Chicago MC's

Kathy M said...

Another ANGEL to watch over all of us, i'm very happy that I got to see Kathyanne before her untimely passing, she was a fighter to the end,her strength her courage and the grace she showed is a lesson for all of us...she truly is a inspiration, God had a better plan and she now is at peace with no pain..she is now with the other ANGELS watching over all of us..

helenmary said...

Kathy so well said. Let Kathyann's passing be aleson to us all and our children that when a family reunion is planned that we do our best to attend and be a part of the uniting that ment so much to our grandmother and uncle Bill. If there is one thing you have on this earth that is of great value let family be one of the things you value most.Seeing kathy in 2011 after so many years had passed my goodness I saw her and her children were in college and the end of high school!Although the feeling when we spent time togather was like there was no distance at all her and I had plans for the future after the kids were out of school and that joy is gone. We need to pick up the phone more often and paln our reunions they are the connection we need for ourselves and aour children. Uncle Bill would get very emotional over his sons not talking to one another if he got wind of that and I had to hear about it so now he can do strange things from above so we better watch out and bury those excuses away, to tell you the truth there is no excuse to call and say hello and ask how your doing thats what uncle bill said he was a wise old owl.Ide also like it to be known that Uncle Bill would not complain about his pain because he said Kathy's was so sick little did he know the company he was in I hope his kind compassion keeps her close to him in heaven I can just amagin how he looks with all our loved one around him and hes telling them everything I know they took Kathy with open arms. God Bless our family here and there and everywhere I love you all.......