Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Uncle Bill, We will truly miss you 10/2/2012

Those we have loved
who are with us no longer
Still comfort and guide us
and make our hearts stronger
Uncle Bill leaves a legacy of love,
 not only to his sons and their families but to his extended family as well.
His heart was so big he had room for all of us  in it.
He didn't care if you were rich or poor, doctor, lawyer, Indian chief
he treated everyone the same.
He was funny, kind, caring,  and serious when he needed to be
Uncle Bill was one of a kind!
As he would always say at the end of  a phone  call to me
"Now honey, you keep in touch, I love you"
We love you too, Uncle Bill!!


helenmary said...

Beautiful picture Joyce and the background is at one of his favorit spots at Hollywood Beach Every word and thought you wrote is true. Uncle bill was a big man in more ways then one To know uncle Bill is to know love in action any little boy would be lucky to have a man like him in his life. To know you were loved and to make you feel special was his calling card you were my friend as well as my uncle and I miss you so....

brofy said...

Joyce, we couldnt have said it any better then you did, he treated evreyone with love and made them feel special. We love him very much and will miss him dearly. God Bless him and may he be looking down on us all.