Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Another Milestone of Life....9/11/12

Ana and Sarah got their driving permits!!
So watch out world soon they will be driving on a road near you.
It seems like only yesterday they learned to ride a two wheeler.
Congrats Girls!!!


Kathy M said...

Thanks Harry Decarlo for getting the ball rolling on this (not) lol anyway Ana is taking Divers Ed in School so NO license until spring 2013 lol

Ana M said...

this picture of me is disgusting I look like a fat asian. And obviously not until spring i have to wait 6 months

Gary Esposito said...

Wow they gave you a tiara for getting your permit!

Pass the test and you can trade it in for car insurance, a car payment, & GASSS!!

Congrats to both of you and remember HD has reached his quota for fender benders this decade!

joyce said...

Very clever & true!