Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Where's Scott?


joyce said...

very funny!!

hopefully he's at home on the laughing too!

Anonymous said...

I hear they were recently in PR...

Maybe he will post some vaca pics...


It could happen!!!!

I also hear the NorCal folks have an upcoming trip too!!!!!

Can't wait to see thier pics here on the BLOGG!!!!!

Just say no to FAceBook!!!

Lets bring the LIFE back to the BLOGG!!!!

****BAN Face MUgG, blogg MUGG instead!!!!!********

Not HD said...

The PR's have the best vacations!

jad said...

The Mulligan Blog has life because of the faithful bloggers that post and comment regularly.... I say Thank you!

Our Blog could be even more "lively" if more of the family out there would join in.

I myself am not a fan of facebook but to each their own but it would be great if every now and then the Facebook crowd would drop by and say Hey!!

Kathy M said...

did he leave the planey after leaving SoFla havent seen any of the big Scott clan,,, HELLO BIG Scott and Family,,,