Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sarah's First Concert 2/28/2012

So we hire a car to take her and I
to the Palace Theatre
in Albany,NY
HD got us pretty good seats
The opening act and the group Sarah really was exacted to see(she loves them)
They are "One Direction" from the UK, first tour in the US and the opening band for
"Big Time Rush"

Check them out on YouTube!If you have kids they probably know about these guys,
they have a show on Nickelodeon,
They were loud, the kids were loud(many screaming girls)
and my ears will never be the same.
These are the the things we do for our children
and to see a smile on her face, was priceless!!


John Mulligan said...


Anonymous said...

good stuff!! hope it was fun

Kathy M said...

such a good mommy, thats right what you dont do for the children.... you were very close to laurens place.. maybe 10 minutes, so close :) way to go Sarah, !!!! oh and Joyce, lol

gpe said...

Way to go DeCarlo's!

Taking a car is very neat touch...

Welcome to concert scene SD, make sure you save your stub...err estub that is!