Monday, November 28, 2011

November 28, 1981

Just a word about today Joey Jr is 30! I was the first of my family to have a baby, the first of the cousins
to have a baby and the first to make my mother a grandmother and grandma a great grandmother.
Aunt Kathleen was not happy to be known as a great aunt and that birth made Uncle jimmy and the rest
great aunt and uncles and so it goes. So happy birthday to my 6ft 1in little Joey who is my contrabution to
the next generation of the family tree. I leave on this note Joyce Kathy Harry Carlos and my mother
think back 30yrs ?????To my brother David you took better care of little Joey at about 9mo old then the
the girl I hired who lived in my building at Imperial Gardens who i paid half my hourly wage which was
about $6.66 per hour! She left my place a mess made my kid unhappy you on the other hand took good care of him and even walked him to Grand Union in my big hendstrum stroller not many young guys
would of done that. So to all you cousins and niece and my daughter and son with your own young
children, THIRTY YEARS!! I also remember being 24 :} Happy Birthday to my oldest son Joey Jr

Love Mom


joyce said...

Happy Birthday joey!

So Helenmary, how does it feel to have a 30yr. old ???

helenmary said...

Soon you will know!ha ha but Kathy will beat you to it!

S said...

Heck, I remember one day I was up in Wapp and went with David to the Imperial Gardens so he could watch baby Joey. Well, baby Joey pooped and David looked at me and I told him, "your the one getting paid". Enough said!

gpe said...

I was a 7th grader when J jr came along..nuff said and the youngest uncle in my clan!!

Happy Birthday "little" Jeo...