Sunday, November 20, 2011

Let's hear it for the kids!!!

First quarter report cards are in

and Sarah & Michael have both made Honor Roll

and rumor has it that Nicholas has made the high honor roll list at his school
I'm sure we have more smarties among our young Mulligans
So keep up the good work
Great job, and congratlations!!


Kathy M said...

Way to go all the Nieces and Nephews, Ana is alittle slow with 80 average, she said she will pull an all nighter this quarter to get thoses extra points up,,, way to go kiddo's

helenmary said...

congradulations! I know how proud i felt when Jason had those straight A's since the 1st grade left me scraching my head and thinking how good you kids must feel to see the results of your good effort! Anna its not about compeating or feelings its about setting out each day to do your very best! Your future depends on it!