Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sept. 10, 2011 All Anninversaries are special!

The message sent from Mr. McCauley at breakfast today in Pembroke Pines FL. was one of great affection and concern that I pass it along to his two sons Kyle and Scott and his wonderful daughters in law Farnez and Alexandra congratulations on your wonderful wedding anniversaries! Mr. McCauley stated in his message of love that he forgot to send out cards by way of the U S postal service to be there in your mailboxes on time! So it is with great joy that i pass along his warm heart felt thoughts before he goes to the restroom and then rolls on towards the cockpit of the Denny's front door and takes on the warmth of a nice hot sunny south Florida day!Feel blessed you guys were on his mind at this trying time of decision making over an omelet or sandwich complements of Uncle James Mulligan who was the pilot that was not going down with a full stomic to the Hardrock Casino on his way home to Ft. Lauderdale the eats are always on him and that's worth fighting for. So God Bless and enjoy your special day! Love the woman at the computer this special day..... I will never forget Mr McCauley for asking me to do such an honor for him!


joyce said...

Happy Anniversary Kyle & Farnaz, Scott & Alex!!!

This post got me thinking there are quite a few wedding anniversaries in the month of September.

Here's who i think they are and if I've missed someone let us know.

Pat & Connie
Diane & Scott
John & Gwen
Uncle O & Rosemarie
and i believe our grandparents were married in Sept in Toledo Ohio???

So Happy Anniversary to you all!

(i think Sept also has the most wedding anniversaries)

gpe said...

Happy anniversary to all!!

Kathy M said...

Happy Anniversary to All The Mulligan Clan that have Anniversary's this month, I think Joyce & Harry then Carlos & I have everyone beat, by the years !! I say Joyce first because she is the oldest and was married before me at the double ceremony.... :)

helenmary said...

Yes Kathy you n Joyce we're the first of the kids to do that adult thing!
Now ur old married people! Heehee