Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What a FAMILY reunion!!!!

I just want to write one post since all the pictures are fantastic! and the memories as well! What can one say about the ELMS well I missed TV and AC but I had megga doses of FAMILY so that was good enogh for me! The food was the best the men who manned the grills my sweat drips off for you! The river i looked at but refused to go into was beautiful as the sun set. David and Scott McCauley thanks for the THRILL and no SPILL boat ride since my brother never drove a boat before! and Scott was atthe helm laughing his a** off directing David on where to take us on our ride and letting me think only of the WATER FALLS and David at the wheel sitting side ways in the drivers seat and one hand on the steering wheel! just an awsome memorie! The heat during the day bugs at night and a dripping wet back in the morning not so tramatizing since Im back home in my AC environment in a bed! Ah breakfast at Jodees veryvery good but the one we ate at on the way out a hidden best bet for a return visit! Hugging Kathyanne after 30yrs worth the reason we have such things called reunions and meeting her husband for e very first time and he is quite funny and a real nice guy and meeting their children very nice so happy I did. Seeing Danny have such a nice time makes my heart smily! Anyone who missed out this time like I did the last time I missed you and now know the meaning of that s**ks. I'll do my best not to let that happen again! Andrea thanks for the relation of my new drink ORANGE VODKS and OJ I owe you a bottle! Randy and Jessica you guys are a delite Jessica you are a fantastic little mother I'm so happy to have met you. Carlos thanks for the ride to the slots it was fun and the Saratoga grounds beautiful! Uncle Owen thank you for being lucky enough to have met two very nice women who get along on this earth knowing the same man they are part of my wonderful memories as well as you. Uncle jimmy thank you saying the reunion was realy nice as you got ready to leave because I know Joyce gets some flack when she pushes these crazy ideas but knowing you enjoyed yourself is a nice pay off as well as Aunt Jane Tom Gwen and John and all the McCauleys I just want you all to know I had FUN FUN FUN! all I can say here at the end is aside from all the peolpe there who are family the CAMP FIRE and Chris saying what is said at te camp fire stays at the camp fire was the best! I no longer need my blood presure pills!! God Bless each end everyone of us! till next time
Love Helen :}


jad said...

very nice and quite funny words Helen, my sentiments as well except for the part about Joyce's crazy ideas??? LOL!

SoCalRED said...

Well said HeHe!

Til the next shindig!

gpe said...

Said as only HeHe can say it!! That is a very good recap and the sentiment are shared by many!