Thursday, April 14, 2011

You are ALL invited....--

Join us for Jessica's graduation party!

you may be asking yourself, "what should I bring?"

-Camping gear
-It gets cold up here at night-BRING A HOODIE!!
-some food
-Trash bags, for your own mess
-glow sticks
-Mix Tapes
-BUG spray!

Most importantly- Be ready to party.

guests are welcome to bring friends! Just let us know under the invite message board so we can get a head count.
John plus 3



JessandRandy said...

501 Easy Street, Johnson, Vermont

jad said...

9Wow looks like a great place if you like camping...what about hotels/motels????

Congratulations Jess on your graduation from college!!

Will you be teaching now??

Anonymous said...

Congratulation Jess,this looks like a blast,is this your dads property, and like Joyce said is there any hotels in area for the older cuz's ??

JessandRandy said...

Here is a link to a hotel about 7-10 minutes from where our camp is.
It is also A LOT cheaper and much closer than the hotels in Stowe. Hope this helps you guys!

jad said...

Thank you yes that will!!

gpe said...

Congrats on graduating Jessica!! What is the date now or later in the summer? I tried fixing the facebook link but did not have the full url...

JessandRandy said...

August 12, 13, and the 14th. Just in case....