Friday, March 18, 2011

Mark's 4th Anniverary 10/23/61-3/18/07

Your memory is a keepsake
With which we will never part
God has you in His keeping
We have you in our hearts


gpe said...

Very nice thoughts and words JAD, thanks!

Anonymous said...

mark u are always with us i only wish we could meet u in the city lov ya , diane

Kathy M & Family said...

Nice pic and one of my favorites.... not a day goes by that we dont think of you.. and hard to beleive its 4 years already... LOVE you Brother ..)

John Mulligan said...

that's a hell of a mullet Mark has going

helenmary said...

Diane when your in the city Mark is too for where ever we go it only takes a blink of the eyes and look to the sky and our memories fill our hearts,your love is always there we will never forget no matter how many years go by, the saddest thing is that we have to think this at all.Brother, son, cousin,friend you will live in my heart untill my end! God keeps you in his care. No hehee here:{