Saturday, March 26, 2011

Maple Syrup Time in NY

This is Sharp Reservation, East Fishkill, NY
where they held the
8Th Annual Maple Festival.

Most people think Vermont is the place for Maple Syrup,
but actually NY State produces more maple syrup
each year than VT.
Vermont is just more famous for it
  • a wig wom

    balancing on a log to cross a small stream
    (no one fell )

    wishing it was warmer
    but it was good to get out in the fresh air!!


joyce said...

Like the slideshow!!!

gary said...

The slide show can use some tweaking, but its a start! Putting all mulli pics into flikr or Picasso could produce nice slide show... that's when we get out of beta (:

Nice pics and good to know NY produces more maple syrup than VT, how about cheddar??

I stayed at Sharp when I was in 5th grade for school was a fun time and I do remember them tapping a tree and also tasting natural birch or smelling it. I can't beleive its only in E. Fishkill! Thought it was a little further like by Bear mt...

Cabela's said...

Did Harry the survivalist built the wig wom???

helenmary said...

well did it tast good? Thats nice to see you old folks out on a chill New York day enjoying the reservation in Fishlikk!!! heheeee!!