Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mulligan Family Reunion 2011

Hey All!
I recently sent out an email to everyone regarding our upcoming family reunion. I requested that you please let me know if you plan on attending or not and to date have not heard from some of you. I know you're busy but please if you could just take a few moments to reply to my email it would be greatly appreciated. If for some reason you didn't get the email, please let me know. Remember I included my email address on the letter I sent a couple of months ago.
We are looking into places to stay in Lake George that will accommodate all of us and let us be close to things to do. We were thinking it would be good for socializing if we are all in the same spot. It takes quite a bit of time to search for and research places but as soon as we find one that is suitable we'll let you know.
Let me give a BIG Thank you to Kyle and Farnaz for jumping in and helping with the leg work.
It is very much appreciated!
Thar's all for now.
I'll be in touch very soon,


the people said...

We want answers now!

General Patton said...

Great job Joyce, and an espcially great job to kyle, the skill and leadership displayed was a magnificent example of American know how...way to go kyle!!!...yanks

Anonymous said...

WoW, my vote was taking off of the poll. what is this Obamaland?