Sunday, January 30, 2011

2011 Family Reunion - Compound Selection

You may have noticed the black smoke billowing from the Vatican turned white today....

The Mulligan Clan Family Reunion Steering Committee has made a lodging selection.  

The selection was made to satisfy criteria essential to a successful reunion for all
  • One location so all attendees that want to connect with family can stay at one facility
  • Family friendly - open the door and let the kids play!
  • BBQ  picnic area
  • Well reviewed (service, cleanliness)
  • Accommodate families, couples and singles
  • On-site recreation and activities (adult and kids)
  • Relaxed atmosphere...but near wide range of attractions and destinations
  • Reasonably pricing
The Elms Waterfront Cottages and Lodges is an 18 unit property located just outside Lake George on Lake Luzerne, NY.  Big enough to hold as many clan members that can make it but small enough to make the 2011 reunion truly special because we will all have the option to be on the same grounds.  

(Lake George Village, Rafting, 
Saratoga Gambling, Amusement Park...)
campfire,  bbq, beach, lake, 
fishing, row boat(s), play area, 
jet ski rental, boat rental...

The Elms offers clean and comfortable lodging options that can be managed to accommodate all (be on lookout for lodging arrangements email) if this is the will of the majority of clan members.

Have a look at the site, give some thought to the reunion and be sure to comment, respond to the follow-up email or call JAD, KCM or even me GPE "the unethical one". With a little planing
and action now we can make the 2011 reunion a reality!!!


SoCalRED said...

SoCal will be there!

Can't wait!

PS: Good job steering committee!!

The place looks perfect!

jad said...

Good to see how many voted!!!

Kathy M said...

Very nice I agree with SoCal Prefect, way to go committee!!!!

RED said...

I got cabin 5!

Steering Committee said...

The Steering Committee has not voted on final room assignments and official results will be released via Blog when official. All accomadations are in flux and are carefully reviewed to ensure optimal sastifaction of all Clan members. Please do not assume room assignment and await offical result release.

The Steering Committee

Anonymous said...

hi all the lake george reunion is shaping up nicely keep us posted and focused

Anonymous said...

why room 5 us it special or magical ???

jad said...

i heard C5 was haunted...