Monday, December 27, 2010

Wapp. Fls. Christmas 2010

Christmas morning, Santa has left the presents
Christmas afternoon, the family gathers for the eats

Christmas evening we socialize

The young ones pose for the camera,
because if they don't Aunt Joyce won't stop nagging them

The day after Christmas the snow came
some 2ft of it and more

The Christmas lights do look better with snow on the ground
(well maybe)

Sarah & the dogs get some fresh air in the newly fallen snow

Merry Christmas!


gpe said...

Very nice holiday and snow pics JAD. I can almost feel the cold wind blow.. as I sit here in my shorts!!

Nice to see all the young ones grouped together taking a "you better" pic..somethings never change.

The Sofla crew had a nice holiday gathering too at hehe's house but we are slow to get the pics up...stay tuned!

Brofy said...

That is a lot of snow!! Only 3 more months of winter....looks like everyone had a nice xmas...

RED said...

Good pics and vid!

Wish we were there.

KCM says snow shoveling or snow blowin builds character...

I say phooey!

I like my arrangement, when I want to see snow I go visit it...

Kathy M said...

Very Nicely done,way to go Leader of the Pack lol