Sunday, December 5, 2010

Chicago-KC Thanksgiving

Abe Lincoln and the boys
Rescue Team
Brofy and Kyla
B, Kyla and Conner
Xmas in KC
KC Train Station
The Cousins
At the KC Mint
Honest Abe's Cabin
The White House


John Mulligan said...

Great Photos Kyle!

joyce said...

Love the pics kyle!!!

The boys are getting so big and very handsome, but that little Kyla is a doll, I see Owen in her and maybe a little of Aunt Kathleen.


gpe said...

Very cool post.. kids, locales.. well done! (especially like the "rescue team")

SoCal said...

Good stuff!

And a double kudos to KCM and HEHE!!!

Kathy M said...

Very nice pics and kyla is beautiful, so nice to see how big everyone is getting. Keep the pics coming.