Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hudson's New Home!!

I'm Hudson, one of the puppies of Maxie and Woody McCauley
Now I have a loving home with the McDonald's

and a new "older brother" Jo-Jo
Just wanted my former family (Scott) to know I'm very happy here!!
***posted by Diane with the help of jad***


gpe said...

Great to see Henry Hudson is doing well!! And really great to see a Di post!! This means the MCD Halloween pics can't be far behind!!!

allie said...

Hudson is so cute. he is so big and we miss him so much. we saw his brother Rico and we can't wait to see Hudson.

helenmary said...

Is he a good natured dog (puppy)? Enjoy your new dog I remember when he had no fur or is it hair? Nice meeting you Hudson I know your in a good family with lot of room to roam!!!