Wednesday, July 7, 2010

McCauley 4th

"give me my watermelon"
"fun at the carnival"

"the cousins"

"too short for the big boy ride"

"Chicago Mcs"

"the elders"

"Chicago boy"

"havin fun"


"Kyla on the move"

"papa and a few grandkids"

"where's Connor, he's there"


SoCal Mc's said...

Great pics!

Wish we were there!

jad said...

hey kyle!! enjoying the photos everyone looks so happy to be together. All the kids are getting so big and the baby she is adorable.

you must be settled in your new home and neighborhood by now.

keep the pics coming!!!

John Mulligan said...

Great Photo's

Anonymous said...

Looks like life in the midwest is treating everyone well.
Great family shots too.
Kyla is beautiful and is her daddy's girl...
Love Aunt Evelyn & Uncle Jimmy