Tuesday, July 6, 2010

From The Desk of Helen

Hi all you good and loyay bloggers some of us are guilty of not stopping by the blog on our way to OTHER web related SITES! you know to pay bills? buy and sell on EBAY? some spend internet time buggin n beggin for people to join farms vill? some just play games? and then there's the dredded lurker list? that one I've been guilty of for sometime now, untill I thought I remembered my password and saw Scotts cute post about the puppies! Well today just like that my password came to my mind? You know my brain is going to be working on its 53rd year and some things take longer like passwords! Grandma Mulligan had a beautiful mind because she never had to have a password to do anything in her life and life was good and simple dont forget to tell your children about those good old days if they dont quite get have them visit with one of the many historians in the family Uncle Bill, Uncle Jimmy, Uncle Owen, and yes Lady Anne they remember stamps, pen, and paper and a mailbox nby the driveway or the wll outside the front door. Any this is my way of saying I missed posting to many of the great family post and I just wanted to say how many smiles you make everytime you share your specials moments with all of us and when I looked them over I realized how much goes on in all our lives that make having a family blog that more special and enjoy every posts old and new and just wanted to say thankyou for taking the time, and I bow my head in shame if only briefly and suggest a poll be created by those in the know how and ask this question? WHATS YOUR EXCUSE for not visiting or posting on the MULLIGAN CLAN BLOG??????? Keep on posting! love Helen and happy birthday John Mulligan hehee:)

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joyce said...

yes hehe it has been quite a long time since you have posted or even commented so welcome back to your senses.

it seems the blog is like coming home. it is a place that is familiar and constant. the front door is always open and unlocked for all to come in to visit.

keep on bloggin people!