Saturday, April 10, 2010

Wapp Fls crew heads to So-Fl 4/2010

Grandma aka Lady Anne holds court
with her grandchildren
Always have a group shot

Uncle Jimmy and the girls

That's the Cheshire cat look??

The Patriarch & the Matriarch
plus tiger
all I want is that little cupcakesay cheese!

Cheese again, so cute!

more smiles
what a good looking group of kids

Thank you Mom, Uncle Jimmy, Helemary, Scott & Alex
for all of your hospitality. It was a wonderful week seeing everyone.


red said...

Great pics!

Looks like fun had by all!

Gotta love the SoFlo in April!!!

gpe said...

Great pics JAD, you may have set a record for quality group shots and the UJ pic is a classic!