Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Three Years Today!!!

Happy Birthday to the Mulligan Clan Blog!!
On March 23, 2007, a very sad day for our family, a wonderful idea was born.
A family "Blog". A place where we can all meet and share our thoughts, views of the world around us, photos, good times, sad times and yes even controversy from time to time. It has brought us into each others lives in a special way and has helped to keep us in touch with one another. Our blog has inspired some to start their own blogs and show how creative we can be.
So Thank you Everyone who has contributed to the success of the Mulligan Blog ( which is all of us). Because of YOU, the Blog is alive and going strong.
Happy Birthday Mulligan Clan Blog!!!


the party Mugg!!! said...


Another reason added to my justification list for tonights imbyebahfication cocktail hour...

2nt I drink to the clan!!

Here here...

The Clan!!!

GPE said...

A great blog it is and I control it all...Be warned, if your content does not fit in my ideological constraint I will BAN YOU!!!!...OBEY....also, please send me all submissions so I may approve them for the blog....OBEY

gpe said...

Well said JADmin... the blog has certainly had its ups and downs but like an old friend it is always here for us...even those that hide behind anonymous and inaccurate comments!