Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Things We Can't Control... 2/24/2010

unfortunately the weather is one of them.
This use to be the bushes in the front driveway that
was flattened by heavy snow we got over night.
More snow on it's way for Thursday into Friday.
It just keeps coming!
I'm ready to shoot that groundhog!!


swm said...

Look at the positives, you will have very moist fertile soil come spring time.

joyce said...

very funny,swm!!!

don't you miss this mess just a little???

Sarah said...

Just imagine how fertile the soil will be with Pony poop too...

chicken is meat says... said...

Boy that snow smothered those bushes just like this post squashed SWM's! He may not grace us with his musings for quite some time now!! PS. Whose for reprimanding the "redster" for habitually hijacking post - its been a while since he had those ham hocks slapped!!! And finally if you really don't want another fish fillet then go ahead and have beaver or muskrat, they're allowed!!!!