Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ryan's Birthday Gift!!!

Like my new gun? Its a Russian 1940 Infantry Rifle with a bayonet!!!!

It will go great with my collection!!!

Be sure to check out my flying lesson pics on the MCBLOGG!!!

"A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."
and ohhh... Happy Valentine's Day too!!!!

Our new Mulli-MUT Chewy!!!!

Put him in the new poll Uncle RED! Or else...!!!!


"Off he goes, into the wild blue yonder!!!!"


helenmary said...

Is that a real gun? I'm all for the gun thing as long as all the right attitudes and teachings by responcible parents go with the pride of collecting them using them are in place too! In Ryans case i'm sure that is true enjoy your gift young man and always be proud to be american and all the freedoms that come with it free speach to woning guns!!! and having room in your life for a mutt or too!! Nice post quite thought provoking? if I say so my self.Big Joey has had guns and on Saturday mornings he would take Joey and Cathleen to the gun range and they loved it,They were all pritty good shoths too! Thanks for the memory!!!!!!

joyce said...

Flying lessons and a gun, very cool Ryan. Enjoyed the pics on the other blog. They reminded me of When Sarah was in third grade she did an oral report on Amelia Earhart,( she had to dress like her too) it was pretty neat

Happy Belated Birthday Ryan! oh and Owen my birthday is in July so you have a few months to surprise me with just as nice a gift as Ryan got, LOL!! (only kidding)

Gracie's Brother said...

Thats my big cuz!!!

I cant wait to join him!!!

And the NRA!!!!!

Laura Mc said...

Good job Ryan!

And mom and dad too.

Cant wait to see more pics!

gpe said...

Happy Belated Ryan!! I think I am accurate in stating that to things the clan generally seems to be in agreement on without much discord are GUNS and BOOZE!!!