Friday, February 5, 2010


Teddy Cathleens dog is the true american pet cuz he's fromthe Broward County Pound I Teddy must say from rags to riches life with Cat here in Pembroke Pines FL is pritty darn good! well considering where I use to call home!

BREAKING NEWS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Teddy ain't NO MUTT!!!!!!!


RedDRUDGE has uncovered secret fotos of Teddy's parents...
Decide for yourself!!!!!
Another post hyjacked by REDdrudge Fair and balanced news...


helenmary said...

Teddy well what can i say about Teddy? um he bards at his own shadow and everyone elses! Hedoes all the dog tricks! He mostly likes to hang out in Cathleens room on the bed like a princess! When he greets you he will wet your shoses, pant legs, bear feet! he suffers from happy to see you leak symdrome!Eats danty! Goes out to do his business and comes backin like a sissy!Loves pigs ears and will do just about anything to get you to give him one!Does not shed! That stupid HUSKY well you should be glad you dont live next door when he gets off the couch! it's dark blue! OI don't slop my water all over the place and track paw prints all over the white tile after comming in from the bomb field! use to be the yard! I am very cuddly if you like a wet lap! na just kidding! I know I smart, and I know I'm cute and like the adopted children out there I was picked to be in the family! The rest of you with your high price tags don"t hold a leash next to me cuz I'm the winner just has to be! But don't tell Jason I said that my mouth is muzzled shut!!!!! Hehee!

jad said...

HA! this is one of the funniest posts I've read in a long while!!

gpe said...

Quite the creative writing.. thanks for the haha's!