Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy Holidays 2009

The holiday season is rolling along and with it quite a few clan members have passed through So Fla soaking up the warmth and leaving lots of cheerful memories in their wake.

The mission was a simple one - get all the kids together, eat, eat, eat, drink and be Merry.
Mission Accomplished!

Happy New Year..


joyce said...

very nice Gary all the kids are growing up fast. The babies are adorable!!
But there are no adult pics( except for proud papa Bill)

Happy New year to one & all!!

red said...

Good stuff GPE.

John Mulligan said...

Great Post Gary!

Brofy said...

fun was had by all, good to see all and had a great vac (exception of jeter almost dying)...cha ching!!....yanks.. happy 2010..

MB said...

That Video is so cute! Thanks for sharing, everyone looks great.

cousin michele in NY