Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Papa visits Chi-Town

Cold day at the city beach

Lake front

Papa and Brofy in Michigan

Beach in Michigan

Papa and Buddy


red said...

Good pics and post!

Nice to see you actually found time to join the blog!

Come back soon!

John Mulligan said...

Great photos Kyle!

joyce said...

Great pics Brofy!!

The boys are growing quickly & sooooo cute, Big B looks good too!

Anonymous said...

"My best trip yet, 5 star!!!!"

swm said...

Again, nice pictures, but I would rather go to the Hollywood beach, where you can actually swim in the water.

helenmary said...

Hi uncle Bill!hehehe!! thanks to blogging I get to see uncle bill!! my fault not his,I could throw a rock and hit his roof but i see him more by his trips to other states,another good thing about technology!!!Nice post having pops in all these pictures whomevers house he roams are priceless!!! SO says hehe!!