Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day 2009!!!

Happy Mothers Day wishes to all the mulli-moms young and old alike. Whether a veteran of many births or a relative newbie the work of our "mothers" is truly never done and probably never fully appreciated..

Thank You to all the Moms!!!

Preschoolers do some very nice things in honor of Mom. One of them is learning a song or two - take it away Elizabeth......



RED said...

I'm glad I have a laptop... turning a monitor on its side woulda been a bit tougher...

That is such a sweet video! Elizabeth is getting so big and talented!

We loved the Nicholas cameos... especially the quick exchange from scooter to bike, we also noticed his opportunism by slipping out helmetless while mommy had her head sideways!

God Bless all the MuggMoms!

Have a great day!

We want more videos from SoFlo!

joyce said...

Elizabeth that was awesome!!!
You certainly are talented. I never saw anyone defy gravity quite like you,LOL!

Happy Mother's Day
to all our
Muligan Moms!!!

John Mulligan said...

Happy Mothers Day!!!

gpe said...

Good observation Mr. McCaulley. Do you chalk your keen sense to teaching or parenting? You may also notice the lizard is nice enough to take a moment and make a fashion observation thats pretty amusing. We should have got mom some new shorts!!!

Outta the mouth of babes....

helenmary said...

I didn't hear any sound at my end and yes the speakers were on!! so im wondering if gpe is launching the new MARCS BROTHERS act but now known as the Nicholas and Elizabeth act!!! hehehe!!Other wise they sure are to cutties on a clip sideways on my computer screen!!!Thanks for the mid day smile!!!