Monday, April 27, 2009

Who lives in a Pineapple...4/27/09

Sponge Bob Square Pants!!!
another HD cake for little Anthony's
2ND birthday
Always good to see Aunt Jane

The candles are lit & the singing begins

Anthony gets some help blowing out his candles

Happy Birthday Anthony!!!!!
You are a cutie!!


Laura Mc said...

Happy birthday Anthony!!!

helenmary said...

boy how time flyes! 2 already! looks like Anthony had a very nice birthday....and the cake is a winner too!!!! Happy birthday to a very young clan member!!!

gpe said...

UG Late to the Party says..

Happy Birthday Anthony!!!

Looks like a fun time and you could even party outside, summer must be near!!

jad said...

last Sunday(day of the party)it was ninety degrees, now it's back to normal spring like temps.
thank goodness!!!