Friday, April 17, 2009

We the People..

HD is making a statement
How about you??


anti-commyRED said...

That is great stuff HD!

Where can I get that flag?

God save the USA!

Brofy said...

How dare you protest the Messiah...Im sure your on the watchlist now....yanks

A True American said...

OK all you right wing nuts and government haters... How do you think our roads, defense, schools and government are paid for???? If it was up to the right wingers, we would still be driving on dirt roads. When you get into a car wreck, who comes to help? The police and fire department... I'll tell you a little secret, TAXES pay for them!!! It interesting that the two guys who are anti-tax make their livings off the tax payer!!! By the way right wings... where were you the last eight years when Bush was running up the national debt!!!!! One last thing...even Jesus told us to pay taxs....

jad said...

Oh true American, we are not against paying taxes but when we are being taxed on bottled water for goodness shake something is wrong here. and we are well aware that we are paid like teachers, firefighters police etc by tax payers. What we are against is the way the government is running up a tax debt so big that our grandchildren will be paying it off.
have you ever read the Constitution of these United States? Do you know what our fore fathers were thinking when they were declaring their independence? That is what is wrong with the government today. They have for gotten or probably don't even know what the Declaration of Independence stands for. Congress needs to get back to basics and bring this country back to where it used to be.
We are the people who work hard, pay our taxes, pay our bills live a moral life and abide the law.. Now you tell me what is wrong with that.

BTW HD walks around with a book on the Declaration of Independence & Constitution in his pocket just to put the "true Americans" in their place.

i think you should go rent the movie The Patriot learn a little American history.

Anonymous said...

"That Whenever any form of Government becomes destructive of these ends. it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it."

patriotRED said...

God bless JAD!!!

Way to go!

Great words from a true Patriot!

By the way, I would also recommend watchin the HBO mini series John Adams it too has some great history lessons for all of us to review!!!!

I say bring on the Revolution!

I am with Texas! Secession from the union will soon be necessary!

joyce said...

oh i forgot about the john Adams series you are right!!

Those people in Washington work for us don't forget that. We need to cal write or email our elected officials to remind them of that. Let them know what you think. And when election time rolls around out they go.

John Mulligan said...

The house is looking good Harry!

helenmary said...

Joyce the people in Washington don't work for us, they WORK FOR THEMSELVES!for their $167,000 a year,dont you get that! they can afford the price of gas, milk and bread!! Dr visits and vacation!! and retirement too!