Sunday, April 19, 2009

Shark Valley - Everglades Natl Park

On Sat the adventurous parts of the So Fla clan finally made a much overdo trek to Shark Valley located in the northern part of Everglades National Park. If you have taken one of the Everglades air boat tours and left feeling short changed on the number of gators you saw, this maybe the place for you!

Its also got lots of tropical plan life..

And some beautiful birds...

But its the gators that leave you in awe~

in the water..

on the land..

Yikes, blocking the trail your walking down!!

and lurking everywhere in between!

It was a fun time for all.
The kids did a great job walking, listening and enjoying nature.

Thanks for heading up the adventure SWM!


gunnyRED said...

I hope you were packing your Ruger .357 Magnum Revolver...

The NRA endorses this statement.

John Mulligan said...

Great Photos!

swm said...

Good post Gary.

Gwyneth said...

Great photos, Gary. Although, the 'gators look a little too close for comfort to me.

joyce said...

I agree with Gwyneth.

were you really that close to those alligators???

what a fun day!!

helenmary said...

Looks like fun! and i enjoyed tour from the confort of my computer chair, hehehe!!!! me no like the big guy and I don't mean Big Bill!!

gpe said...

Mommy was not there otherwise her son would not be that close