Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Great BABY Measurement Challenge!!!!!

Welcome to the 2009 Great Mulli-Nation BABY Measurement Challenge!!!!!!!

Be the closest to guess the birth weights and lengths of Amy and Owen's baby girl AND Laura and Chris' baby girl and WIN!!!!!!

What do you win, you ask?

Mulli-Bragging Rights, thats right the ultimate Trump card at any family gathering, good Mulli-Nation wide, for the whole year!

So think hard and ask questions and get your guesses in... because at this rate these babies will be a poppin out anytime!!!!!!


joyce said...

i would like to know the weights of Owen & Amy's other babies & Matthew(approximately) to assist me in my guessing.

RED said...

Matt was 6lb 12 oz.

OPM's kids I'm not sure, but will get back 2 you soon as we all know OPM hardly ever posts since he's defending America from evil doers...

gpe said...

If I win I want to name the baby!!!!

And Rufious Ethan McCauley will love me for it for all eternity!!

I need to know actual due dates, please and the circumference of the bellies. I will then due some mathematical computations (possibly requesting the assistance of a Callaghan) and come down from my mountain top with the official weights of the newest clan members.

joyce said...

Here's a challenge who has had the biggest baby so far???

My Sarah was 9lb 4oz & 20 1/2 in long.

who can beat that??

baby red : 7lbs 6oz
baby Lt Col: 7lbs 2oz(subject to change when more info is given)

Kathy M said...

Ana was 8lbs 2oz that was my biggest and meagan was the smallest at 6lbs even, Laura looks small but then Chris is Big so I would have to think long and hard on this one, Owen is Big and Amy is small so again this will be a good look and hard thought for me, since I wasn't good in math! I thought Amy was due a week ago ?? So I want exact due dates for the girls. More power the us woman!!

Red said...

Amy Apr 16

Laura May 27

helenmary said...

Here is my guess, both little girls are going to weigh Laur's she will be 6lbs 7oz 19inches long, Amys little girl will weigh 6lbs 14ozs 19 & 1/2 inches long. And so it is posted this day and time by hehehe!

gpe said...

Amy and Owens little one will arrive at 8lbs 5oz.

Laura and Reds bundle o' joy will be 7lbs 7oz

Please place the bragging rights in a brown paper bag and deliver to So Fla...