Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008


joyce said...

i was beginning to think we were the only ones who had a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Thanks John for sharing.

The table looks beautiful, tell your mom. those deserts look mighty yummy too!

These pics reminded me of all the great times we had at your mom's for Christmas. Very nice & happy memories

P.S. what are you king of??

red said...

Ain't nuthin like a holiday meal at Aunt Jane's... Only the best!

Great shots John, glad to see the Boxwood festivus!

Also, we love the slammin beer pic... but really? Why a fancy Euro beer? You shoulda picked a Patriotic local American beer!!!

helenmary said...

by the way that table looks so good! by the way I ate at Dennys and had meatloaf,Glad to see you had a nice feast!