Monday, December 8, 2008

Party Pics

Payton meets great-grandma
he could be the Gerber Baby

Kathy tries to blow out all those candles
before the smoke detector goes off

another HD master piece

The cake had butter cream frosting,

with white cake and white chocolate mousse, with raspberry filling


Red said...

A real masterpiece by HD!!!

Great to see everyone together, is this in the SoFlo or the hudson freezer???

Baby Payton and AA look great!

joyce said...

the hudson freezer, hehe came for a visit & brought the baby with her

helenmary said...

Kathy your hair looks great!Mom looks GREAT and Payton looks like the cuttie he is, but that picture is missing a key shot? oh yeah it was me hehe! I wanted to see the look of a surprised face at fifty and I knew right where to go! Kathy 50 is the new 30!!