Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas Eveybody!

I love this photo - Grandma and Santa (dad)


gpe said...

WOW, what a topper to our Christmas Day! Thanks for posting Muggs and Merry Christmas to all!!

John Mulligan said...

I have been holding off posting this photo til wasn't easy..

gpe said...

Its a great photo.. you can tell it really caught a genuinely good moment when Santa probably teased poor grandma and everyone was having quite the laugh.

joyce said...

John what a great photo. i have some of these with grandma & Santa but not this one. It is truly a a top 10. Grandma is holding Santa's hand & she looks so good.

Is that David in the back round?

If you have any more of these kinds of pics, please post them.

Very nice!!

Merry Christmas Everyone.

Red said...

Great stuff Muggs!

Grandma's smile is awesome!

Love the David profile...