Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween '08 @ 4 Montfort Rd

The jack-o-lanterns
Sarah, the "Dark Angel"

and what's Halloween without some
"Vampire Blood"
FYI this is a California wine that only comes out for Halloween
(so the wine stow owner told Diane)


John Mulligan said...

Great Photos!

Kim Comstock's Hubby said...

...and we've got a new wine to try out! :) I'll look for it out here in Cali! Great pumpkins and a great costume!

red said...

I already looked for the vino... no luck so far but I am determined...

Sarah needs no wings, we all know she's an angel.

Luv the jacks too!

joyce said...

I hope you find the Vampire wine, it we were pleasantly surprised that it was actually a nice tasting wine.

Harry & I went to the store we usually buy our wine & they had the Coastal Estates but only the Chardonnay & Zinfandel. So we are going to the big discount place down the road Where I am sure to find it. So i will put my comment about it soon.

gpe said...

the pumpkins are too perfect! Were they cut with laser precision instruments like crop circles?

Nice post JAD!!

helenmary said...

AWSOME! I love the lit pumpkins! good post and Sarah looks so pritty boy is she growing into a beautiful young lady!