Monday, October 13, 2008


To all family:

Many thanks to you all for your kind words and gracious thoughts.
It was very noticeable and much appreciated by all.
We are particularly grateful to Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Anne for
thier support in a difficult time.

The Callaghans in general are not a chatty sort but would like to
recognise and thank you personally for caring.



joyce said...

John, your brothers & sister are in my thoughts & prayers each & everyday.

You don't have to be a chatty bunch but please be a bunch that stays in touch don't ever forget that you have family who love and care about you all.

the callaghans in broomfield said...

we are a bunch that will stay in touch.. and we love you all very much.. lets try and do a family reunion every year, make it a tradition


joyce said...

I don't know about a yearly family reunion but one every two years sounds good. And i have it on good authority that Randy would like the next reunion at his place in Vermont.
So now we have the place we can work on the people.

gpe said...

I just want to add that if any Calla-clan member wants to share thoughts, memories or even photos this is the place to do it... I know that talking about and learning about our loved ones that aren't with us anymore is a great way to pick up your spirits.

red said...

Well said GPE.

It never can be said too often, how lucky we are to be in this family?...

JAD, I nominate Kaleeforniaaahhhh in one ohhhhh!!!!!!