Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October = Pumpkins!

Every year Harry plants a garden. He always includes pumpkins in the
planting. For one reason or another the pumpkins don't grow.

This year must be the "the year of the pumkin"

because he grew not one but eight pumpkins.

I guess we won't be running to our near by farm this year

for our jack-o-lantern!!

When Harry was out of work with his broken knee,
he made bird houses
They sit on top of the posts of his grape vines

Maybe one day we'll get some wine from these grapes.
Ya never know!!


John Mulligan said...

Fall is Great!

Great Photos Joyce!

Fans of HD said...

HD the horticulturist, chef, outdoorsman and punisher of societal evildoers!!!

Truly a Mulligan worthy of our praise and gratitude!

The people want more HD action shots!

red said...

Fall is great! I love the pics JAD and kudos for HD and all his talents!

Bottle up them grapes and I'll include a review on my upcoming Wine Review Page...

Stay tuned Mulligan Nation!

the callaghans in broomfield said...

Hi Joyce... that was great Phil and I totally enjoyed your pic.

thank you.... we needed a funny

PC and LA

kathy m said...

Nice Joyce and Hello to Phil and Lori Hope all is alitte better this week? you are all in my prayers.

joyce said...

yes HD is a sort of Jack of all trades

waiting for the wine review, should be fun.

Hi Lori & Phil, missing you.


laurenashley said...

pumpkin picking at the decarlos!!! give me a date and im there =P it'll save me some money!

helenmary said...

how new yourkish!hehehe!!