Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Grandma made a booboo in my previous post which was to be my original post!

in my new post of Payton I put a comment under a picture that I meant to pick with him in his football outfit,here is my correction, I hope you enjoy my post and pictures, I have stayed away because I have been sad about the passing of Aunt Maureen and Marks birthday, I just got tired of asking God why we have had to lose so many very special loved ones in one family, Now Im ready to feel happy again and Payton gives me plenty of reasons to smile, So in true hehe! style, I'm BACK!!


joyce said...

Welcome Back hehe, your presence was noticeably missed.

Payton is a doll!!

red said...

Boy looks great!

I'm happy HEHE is so happy!

But, whats with the Steelers?

Fill in the blanks, I dont get the connection...

gpe said...

Manning (UB renames another kid) was at breakfast on Sat and yes he is very cute and a good baby too boot!

But I don't get the steelers gear either so I hope an explanation is coming. We are a tolerant bunch (KCH = Cowboys) but we do have our limits!!