Wednesday, September 3, 2008

C'ya Summer 2008

Birthdays, new baby and books mean one thing - summer 08 is in the archives and even though it has not gone how I planned I'm glad to say the So Fla clan is doing OK!!

Nic heading off to the first grade!

Newest clan kin,
Payton Michael, (I didn't name em just took the pic!)
Big B's Big Day!!!

Lauren's Bday!!

Long and Slim - kid after my own heart!!

Hit the road Mom, I'm Fine!!!! (Yes Red plentttty of manipulative stimuli in this classroom)

PS - a year plus on the blog and the first time I used compose mode!


Red said...

Nice prty for the greatest one SoFlo!!

Regardless of all your flaws you treat BB right nd thats worth everything!

Thanks for sharing.

As for Nic class... Now thats a classroom with obviously a sober and "well qualified" instructor...

Keep up the good work SoFlo!

Red said...

look in the last pic...

the kid's cryin, why?

John Mulligan said...

Great Photos Gary!

(last pic)

That kid is having a bad day....

Anonymous said...

welcome back O'sullivan

joyce said...

very pleasant surprise...GPE

Happy Birthday UB!

Congratulations on the new grandbaby, hehe He's very cute.

Nicholas, I can't believe you are in 1st grade already. hope you have fun in grade one. you have grown so much over the summer.

very nice post.

Brofy said...

1st grade, congrads nick, looks like the florida clan is taking good care of papa....well done....

oh, Happy 40th BDAY..Gary....yanks

helenmary said...

Love the picture of Nicholas! thats my boy the perfect first grader!!

Anonymous said...

why any fool can see why the poor kid is crying, my lord his father has no head!! LOL