Friday, August 1, 2008

John & Gwyn Go to Colorado!

Hey Everybody!

Thanks again to everyone. It was great seeing you all.

I have posted the best photos of our vacation to Colorado.

It was all a little too big to impose on this Blog I will place links here to click and see my photo journal.

Vacation 2008 - Day 1 - DENVER - 7/24/08

Vacation 2008 - Day 2 - Dillon/Silverthorn - 7/25/08

Vacation 2008 - Day 3 - Dillon/Breckenridge - 7/26/08

Vacation 2008 - Day 4 - Vail/Frisco - 7/27/08

Vacation 2008 - Day 5 - Travel Day/ Fort Collins - 7/28/08

Vacation 2008 - Day 6 - Estes Park / Ft. Collins - 7/29/08

Vacation 2008 - Day 7 - Last Day / Denver - 7/30/08


joyce said...

Beautiful pics john,

Gwyn thanks for making the Margaritas for us they were delicious!!!

Cute bunny! besides rabbits there were lots of prairie dogs all over the place. Harry ran over one on our way up the Mt's!!!

red said...

I checked em all out. Good pics, looked like you really got around out there.

Good post. Great seeing everyone.

helenmary said...

wonderful pictures thank you for that great post, i like the fat frog and the bear and the bunny!!hehehe. I'm glad you had a nice time.It makes me feel good to know you are blessed to beable to enjoy such a full life,always count your blessings thats what grandma would tell you!live for today for tomorrow is promissed to no one your making memories and i am happy the blog lets me be a part of your life and your fun!